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About Fugro OCEANOR

Fugro OCEANOR is a high technology company specialising in the design, manufacture, technological development, installation and support of private and public sector environmental monitoring, ocean observing and forecasting systems. The Company is a part of the Fugro Group of companies, and is located in with it main office in Trondheim.

The Company has over 25 years of international experience and a staff with multi-disciplinary backgrounds within marine technology, hydrology and instrumentation including engineering, electronics, marine surveying and operations, applied meteorology, oceanography, mathematics, software development.

A major element of the Company profile is the establishment of a long-term co-operation both with almost all of our main customers and with Norwegian and international institutions or agencies in applied oceanography and meteorology. In the SEAWATCH projects we often establish local companies in close co-operation with the client, to maintain and operate the buoy system. Fugro OCEANOR also participates in several international R&D programs. Our marine monitoring buoys and systems are, as an example, developed in close co-operation with the European research program EUREKA/EUROMAR (where 11 countries participate), IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanography Commission) and with recommendations from the GOOS (Global Observing System) program.

The Company's activities are concentrated within three main business areas:

  1. Fugro OCEANOR develops, manufactures and delivers the environmental monitoring systems SEAWATCHTM, RIVERWATCH and SOILWATCH. Deliveries of these systems may include implementation and maintenance of such systems including technology transfer and institution building.
  2. Fugro OCEANOR develops, manufactures and supplies products such as measuring instruments, measurement buoys, monitoring stations, presentation software and mathematical models for physical, chemical and biological environmental parameters.
  3. Fugro OCEANOR executes measurements and analyses of physical, meteorological and biological conditions in oceans and coastal zones, rivers and lakes including delivery of instrumentation systems for both onshore and offshore-based clients.

Quality Assurance & Health and Safy

Fugro OCEANOR as a Company with all activities and products certified in accordance to the International Quality Assurance Standard NS-EN ISO 9001-2008 & OHSAS 18001-2007.

Fugro OCEANOR's sales turn over
Fugro OCEANOR is a private company with Fugro Norway as 100% share holder. The average annual turnover for 2009 was approx. MNOK 102. The company has a staff of 50 employees. Approximately 40 % hold academic degrees.