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Buoys and Sensors

Fugro OCEANOR manufactures a range of products for environmental monitoring. The main product line, the SEAWATCH range of products, are designed for real time ocean monitoring and span from large regional systems to single wave buoys. 

Environmental data may also be integrated by the system from a number of other sources. For example, in order to build the best basis for national and international weather service operations, data from Seawatch sensors may be integrated with data from research vessels, weather ships, free-floating buoys as well as various types of satellite data. The system allows seamless exchange of data in recognised data formats.


    The SEAWATCH Wavescan Wave Buoy is a versatile instrumentation platform ideally suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological (metocean) and water quality data.
  • SEAWATCH Wind LiDAR Buoy

    The Wind LiDAR buoy is a cost-effective and reliable solution for measuring wind profiles, waves and current profiles.The Wind LiDAR buoy is a cost-effective and reliable solution for measuring wind profiles, waves and current profiles.

    The Seawatch Wave Buoy is a multi-sensor data buoy capable of measuring wave height and direction, ocean current speed and direction, meteorological parameters, sea surface temperature, salinity and temperature and salinity profiles.
  • SEAWATCH Mini II Buoy

    The SEAWATCH MIni II Wave Buoy is a robust, economical and flexible buoy that measures a range of oceanographic parameters for harbours and coastal areas.
  • SEAWATCH Midi 185 Buoy

    The SEAWATCH Midi 185 Wave Bouy is a medium size discus shaped general purpose monitoring buoy suitable for measuring oceanographic and meteorological, metocean parameters in harbours, lakes, reservoirs and coastal areas.
  • SEAWATCH Deep Sea Module

    The SEAWATCH Deep Sea Module (SDSM) is designed specifically for the detection of tsunamis. The module may be fitted to existing SEAWATCH systems or be an integrated part of new systems.
  • OCEANOR Wavesense

    The Fugro OCEANOR Wavesense is an inertial sensor measuring the motion of a buoy floating on the ocean surface. Time series of 3-dimensional buoy motion and wave parameters like height, period, direction and a number of other parameters are the outputs of the sensor.
  • GENI Logger

    The Fugro OCEANOR GENI (GEneral INterface) is a robust data aquisition unit targeted at operation in remote locations, powered only from batteries.
  • Power Management Unit (PMU)

    The Power Management Unit is the central node in the power supply system of the OCEANOR oceanographic buoys